FAQ - Frequiently Asked Questions

What is it about?

King4rs is the website created by well-known Sythe user King Tijn 2 (you can check feedbacks here) and company called Enhanced Online Experience ltd. This project is here to provide cheapest gold on the market without losing quality of the service because it is operated by well experience team, which is not possible when you have single forum user.

I know King Tijn 2, but who are other guys?

Company Enhanced Online Experience Limited is registered in United Arab Emirates and our team is 20 people strong and dispersed across the globe to ensure 24/7 service. Through the years, tens of thousands of customers have experienced and keep experiencing our secure and professional service. We have got fully transparent third party review ratings and certificates to prove it which you can access here.

How quick my order will be delivered?

We usually will deliver your order gold within 5-15 minutes after order is confirmed.

What kind of confirmation is required in order to get my order?

We call new customers paying with card or PayPal to protect ourselves from fraudalent payments. Identity theft and credit card fraud can easily bring an e-commerce website to its knees if kept unchecked. We only call returning customers when somebody other than the recipient is paying for the order. In addition to phone verification we may on occasion require proof of identity and source of funds. 

How do the Quest Help and Mini-games services work?

  • Your receiving account must meet all quest, item and skill requirements stated in description of quest or mini-game.
  • You must turn off your account guardian to ensure that we can play from a different computer and ip address without locking your account.
  • When you place your order you must enter your account name and password in order comment field. If you order a quest, you must also enter your bank account pin so that we can store all the food and other items needed for the order. We don't require your bank pin for mini-games. We recommend that you set a temporary password on your account before placing your order. Then simply change back to original password when order has been completed. This way you will know for sure that if your account ever gets compromised in the future, it was not us.
  • Orders are completed within the time frame stated in product description. We will login to your account from an ip address matching your geo and play without using any kind of bots, hacks or macros. You will receive an email when order has been delivered.
  • You are strictly forbidden to login to your account while we are working on your order. If you login while we are playing on the account it might get locked.

Can I sell you my gold?

Yes, if we need stock we can buy from you at the right prices. Please contact us via livechat for more information.