Buy Gold with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency that differs from other digital currencies in that the processing network is entirely run by the users themselves. The value of Bitcoin is fully decided by supply and demand on various exchange sites and there is no central control. The concept of this so called crypto currency was first described in 1998, but it was until 2009 that the actual implementation took place and bitcoin became a reality.

It is easy to buy Runescape gold with Bitcoin here at You can buy both Old School Runescape 2007 and EOC gold with Bitcoin. It only takes a few minutes to pay for your order. We will guide you through the simple process below.

Step 1: Download the Bitcoin software

Download the Bitcoin software from the official site, install, and launch.

Step 2: Aquire some Bitcoins

There are three ways to get Bitcoins.

  • Do Bitcoin mining via the software to get Bitcoins in return. It's completely free. It just requires you to let the Bitcoin network use some of your computer processing power.
  • Buy Bitcoins with real money on one of the Bitcoin exchange websites. These websites have stringent security and typically only accept bank transfers.
  • Receive Bitcoins from another user in return for some service or goods of yours or perhaps as a favour.


Step 3: Buy RS gold and pay with Bitcoin

There are various registration options accessible in upper right corner of website. You can either register with your email address or sign in directly with Facebook.

Once you are logged in, add what you want to cart and click checkout to proceed with payment.

Once in check out, enter any relevant delivery information in the designated field and choose Bitcoin as your payment method. Then just follow instructions to complete payment.

Step 4: Contact live chat to arrange delivery of your RSGP

Contact our live chat accessible in lower right corner of King4rs website to arrange delivery of your RS gp. We will deliver your Runescape money within 5-10 minutes from moment you contact our live chat, provided your Bitcoin payment has been received and confirmed in full.

Congratulations! The Runescape gold is now yours and all it took was a Bitcoin payment.