Pest Control (Old School)

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We will play the Pest Control mini-game on your account and get the reward you choose for you. 100% human played unlike other cheap botted service.

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Required combat level: 70
For melee player: 60+ attack, 60+ strength, 42+ defence/range/magic/hp
For ranged player:  60+ ranged, 42+ defence/magic/hp

Recommended Gear

Rune/Dragon body + legs/skirt
RFD gloves > Combat bracelet
Neit > Berserker helm > Dragon med > Full rune
Fury > Glory/Strength
Rune defender > Rune kiteshield
D boots > Rune boots or any
Zerker ring > Warrior > No ring
Whip, D Scimmy, DDS, Dragon battleaxe etc

You can also use your best ranged gear if melee stats are low.

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