Deadman Fire Cape (60 Ranged 40 Defense)

Deadman Fire Cape (60 Ranged 40 Defense)

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We beat the TzHaar cave mini-game in Deadman and acquire the Fire cape for you!

Delivery, hours: 3-5 (estimated, can take up to 12 hours in rare cases)

Required Ranged Level: 61+
Required Defence Level: 40+
Required HP Level: 50+
Required Prayer Level: 43+

Members Only

Gear and Inventory (you need to have it ready on account before service start):

  • Red dragonhide set
    mitre > coif
    Snakeskin boots
    Amulet of glory
    God book > dragon shied
    Avas (highly recommended) > any cape
    Rune crossbow
    2000 diamond bolts (1000 with avas)
    18 super restore potion(4), 4 range potion (4), 6 saradomin brew (4)

 In case you have different gear please consult livechat to inquiry if acceptable.


1. You may transfer your valueable items to your other account then log out inside the fight cave for extra safety.
2. There is a small chance (10%) that we may fail due to lag, we will contact you to buy more supplies in such cases and we will reimburse you with 300k gold. If you'd rather not be contacted, please buy more potions in advance and provide bank pin.
3. We will refund if a suicider kills you but no other reimbursement for your loss. (We have done over 100 capes in deadman, this has not happened so far.)

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